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[10 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 4,745 Views]

Follow the Leader: Lots of sports movies spawned shortly after that. Forgot I Could Stop: Either this, or Luis apparently didn’t refine his stopping skills between D2 and D3, as he goes right back to being a classic Fragile Speedster: Fantastic speed, absolutely NO brakes. Formal Full Array of Cutlery: At the upscale restaurant in the third movie. Taiji was (and is) considered in some circles to be among the world’s top rock bass players. Especially skilled at slapping and tapping, he was credited with teaching the late X Japan …

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[2 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 503 Views]

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. What matters is where you are http://xaynhauytin.net/oyster-mushrooms-are-currently-selling-for-about-6-a-pound/, in a small, dark room adjacent to an arena filled with spinning blades and swinging axes. If the signpost to your right is to be believed, reaching the other side will win you your freedom. If you fail… let’s not talk about that. Either way, the crowds will cheer.

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