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Since they do not have jurisdiction

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scooby doo and kiss rock and roll mystery western animation

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Speed Racer. In one translation had his given name as “Greg,” with “Speed” being a nickname. It was used as an explanation behind the “G” on Speed’s shirt, which is really due to the character being called “Go Mifune” in the original Japanese.”Ash” simply sounds like “Satoshi”, though fire is a common theme among Japanese heroes (though it might be based on the tree based names of the Professors). “Ketchum” on the other hand is a word play on “Catch ‘em”; “Dawn” carries on the light themed “Hikari”, not expressed in her Pokemon, but reflective of her appearance in Diamond Pearl; “May”/”Haruka” does seem to use some spring themed Pokemon. “Misty”/”Kasumi” is a straight example the names are equivalent, and she is heavily water themed; “Brock” has the obvious “Rock”. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

replica goyard handbags Not to be confused with JurisdictionFriction. ”Series/{{Bones}}” does this sometimes. In one episode the FBI is called out when a body is discovered in a bowling alley pin machine. You would think Metro PD homicide would be called out instead of the FBI. Averted with ”Series/{{NCIS}}”. Every case stems from some connection to the Navy.Justified likes to play with this. The US Marshal office has very specific jurisdiction and many cases US Marshal Raylan Givens gets involved in do not really fall into it. However, there is a good chance that someone peripheral to the case has an outstanding federal warrant so Raylan uses this as a pretext to poke his nose in. This often means that someone will attack Raylan, thus giving the Marshals jurisdiction to investigate.In the series pilot the Marshals are brought in because Boyd’s Neo Nazi gang made some threats against federal officials and buildings. Otherwise their bank robberies would have remained an FBI matter.The Quarles Boyd conflict was an FBI/DEA/local sheriff matter but one of the Dixie Mafia goons had an out of state warrant and when the Marshals came for him, he tried to kill Raylan. Then three murders occur on property owned by the Givens family and people try to kill Raylan when he tries to straighten the matter out.In season 4 a case that should be an FBI matter, is assigned to the Marshals because the FBI agents in charge of it have been found to be corrupt and Raylan already has a personal connection to the cas.Lampshaded on Banshee. When local crime kingpin Kai Proctor is charged with murder, the FBI becomes interested since Proctor is major Ecstasy supplier in the state. Since they do not have jurisdiction, they send a junior agent to act as an observer which the local police department allows as a courtesy. When the murder case is dismissed http://deiraconsulting.com/2013/10/26/fishing-reels-its-not-really-about-money-but-getting-something/, the agent decides to stick around and investigate the strange situation in Banshee. In season 2 the state government asks the FBI to investigate the events of the season 1 finale and a senior agent conducts the inquiry. When that is done, the junior agents insist that they continue to investigate the Banshee police department and is chewed out over this by the senior agent. He points out that it is not the FBI’s job to act as Internal Affairs for a bunch of CowboyCops in a small town and their mandate is to pursue serious criminals like Mr Rabbit and his Ukrainian mob replica goyard handbags.

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