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** We will be updating answers in a bit. Bookmark this page.
- How to create custom view?
- Use of IBOutlet and IBAction
- Can 2 tableviews be used in one Viewcontroller? How?
- Can a tableview refer to 2 datasources? How?
- What is the difference between shallow copy and deep copy?
- What are categories? How are these different from extending classes?
- How does push notifications work?
- Mutable Vs Immutable types? ( For example: Array Vs MutableArray )
- What does the keyword atomic signify?
- What does @synthesize do?
- Difference between NSNotification and …

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Searching iTunes or the Mac App Store for a song, podcast, or app can be a cumbersome experience at times. Thankfully, there is an app that makes the experience a little easier. As reported by Lifehacker, a new OS X Lion (yes, you read that right. The app is for OS X Lion only) app called Tunesque allows users to quickly search both the Mac App Store or iTunes from the menu bar. Follow along as we show you the ins and outs of Tunesque.
You can download and install Tunesque …

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Full-time students can almost always count on two constants: a weighted backpack full of textbooks and a very light wallet full of nothing.
Thanks to the rise in tablet computers, that once heavy backpack can be alleviated, and perhaps a few dollars can remain in a student’s pocket. It may be too far into the semester to take advantage of some of these applications, but it’s nice to know they exist for future reference.
I downloaded and tested seven textbook apps from the Apple App Store on my iPad. There’s a couple …